What could be better than speaking a language in its natural setting?

Make classroom learning come alive and see your students progress, as they ask for directions, taste foods and buy souvenirs in everyday and exciting settings. Allow them to develop a natural passion for languages and take pride in communicating, as they interact with global communities and recognise the true value of their language skills.

Order fresh tapas in Seville or steamed dumplings in Beijing. Listen to the pure pronunciation in Austria or the Loire Valley, and the regional dialects in Catalonia or Shanghai. Apply your linguistic expertise in theme-parks and sports stadiums. Learn new terminology in museums and art galleries. Interact with local communities and gain first-hand experience of the world's diverse cultures and ancient traditions.

STS offer MFL trips to French, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic and Mandarin speaking destinations. Recognising that culture and language go hand-in-hand, students can expect a full immersion experience, which builds on existing knowledge and challenges their communication and social skills further.


Key study areas:

  • Practice listening and speaking skills in everyday scenarios
  • Experience reading and writing comprehension in daily life
  • Build on existing linguistic understanding
  • Develop a wider range of vocabulary
  • Apply linguistic knowledge and skills in new and challenging settings
  • Gain first-hand experience of local cultures and societies

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“Everything went very smoothly, thank you for your help” Ms Gilmartin
Our trip was perfectly planned and organised” Ms Craven-Griffiths
“The itinerary ran extremely smoothly. I was very pleased with the overall organisation” Ms Robins